Family Trip to Southport, North Carolina

This week we went to Southport, NC and stayed in a small, but gorgeous, modern condo – kudos to the hubby for finding it!  It has floor to ceiling windows that let all the sunlight just pour in, which made for some incredible photographs!  It was pretty cold with the winds blowing near the water so most of the photographs I took are inside.

Here is a little glimpse into our trip!

Condo in Southport, NC on the Intercoastal Waterway

This was our little eating area.

Modern dining area, condo in Southport, NC

And here was the view right outside of those windows!

Ellie loved peeking out at the water.

And we got a lot of morning snuggle time while Eli was working.

One of the days, we drove over to Ocean Isle to the beach and visited the exact spot where we got married almost four years ago!  The ocean sounds just like Ellie's sound machine that she listens to at night so it almost put her right to sleep.

I have no words for the rest of these, lol.  She's seriously the cutest!  You can't tell you don't laugh, or at least smile, when you see these.

Several Nicholas Sparks movies (including my favorite, Safe Haven!) were filmed in Southport so we got to see all the houses, restaurants, and parks that were in the movies which was cool!  

Thanks for coming along for the ride!