Baby Remington is a...

Well I never thought this was going to be a blog post!

Actually I would have loved to blog about this so much sooner! However, there's a little story about my best friend's husband who challenged me that I couldn't wait until the birth to find out the gender. Yeah, I'm talking about you, George!

And because of my fiery red personality, I had no choice but to prove him wrong.

(By the way, take this test to find out what color personality you are! It's super interesting and makes a ton of things make sense!)

Eli and I had actually entertained the idea of not finding out when we first knew we were pregnant, but oh my goodness it's so hard! You don't know what to call the baby–he, her, hims, hers, thingydo. You don't know what to buy. I spent SO much time looking up girl/boy names.

My biggest problem was that I felt like I couldn't connect with the baby. I wanted to talk to him/her by his/her name. I talked to Ellie all the time when I was pregnant with her. I'd tell her what we were doing that day, ask what we were craving (the answer was always boneless buffalo wings), and sing to her. I didn't realize how much I'd miss that. Obviously I still do those things, but I wanted to know WHO I was talking to.

What ultimately made us give in?

Well, we've had some health concerns come up with baby. So we have had several extra ultrasounds done so far as well as an extensive appointment with some specialists. We're hoping for the best scenario to play out, and we'll keep you friends posted!

However, with these health concerns and ultrasounds in that was inevitable we'd find out the gender. And thanks to a new ultrasound tech's slip, now we know!



Baby Remington is a BOY!!!

We are SO excited! If you've been around me at all this pregnancy, you probably know I had the strongest feeling it was a boy. Just like I knew early on that Ellie was going to be a girl! I can't explain the feeling you get–you just know. Not to mention this pregnancy has been polar opposite of my pregnancy with Ellie!

I am 35 weeks pregnant right now. My due date is September 4th. Although at our last ultrasound we found out that he's HUGE.

Already almost 7 pounds...
In the 84th percentile for overall size...
His belly is in the 99th percentile...

Based on those facts, he could come as early as August 15th!

Regardless of when he comes, I am so excited to meet him. I'm also really looking forward to having a natural water birth this time! NOTHING about Ellie's birth was natural. I let the doctors make decisions for me and I didn't know any better. This time I have a midwife and a doula and I love them both! I also have an in-depth birth plan plus my beloved essential oils to get me through what I'm anticipating to be an intense labor. I'll definitely be blogging his birth story and the essential oil protocol we used after he's born!

As far as baby boy's name, we are keeping that a secret! (wink) There were a few names we had been going back and forth between for months and we just couldn't decide. We finally came across a new name and both happened to love it!!!

We can't wait to share his name with you when he arrives!

Thank you all so much for following along this amazing pregnancy journey with me. Your excitement and encouragement is so appreciated! We can't wait to meet baby boy Remington in just a few weeks!