And then she was 4...

I can't even believe the day had come. Just over a month ago, my big girl turned 4 years old. How is that even possible?

Eliana Marie.

I love her so much it actually hurts. I love the wonderful, caring, thoughtful tiny human she is becoming. She willingly gives out kisses and "I love you"'s. She is the cleanliest toddler I've ever met. She makes her bed, picks up her room, and puts all of our (not just hers) laundry away without being asked. She can be pretty spicy and sassy, but always makes up for it when her sweetness comes out.

Baby #2 will be arriving in early September! We CANNOT wait! But I was also having a hard time grasping the idea of Ellie not being my only one–my entire world. How could my heart possibly make room for another? I've been trying to slow down the moments and soaking up every possible second of time I have with just her. That's why I wanted to have pictures done of just my girl and that I love and can look back on knowing it was a special time for just Ellie and I.

I can't thank Molly Watson Photography enough for these images. This was the day Ellie turned 4. They mean the world to me. I look through them on my phone everyday and am so thankful to have these.

Here are a few of my favorites!